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 My 13 ratlets!

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PostSubject: My 13 ratlets!   Tue 5 Jun - 2:20

Well, I figured I'd introduce my crew, since I've been on the forum for a few days now. I'll start with my oldest...

Mulligan is my agouti self dumbo boy that I got from a (now retired) breeder. He was born September 16th, 2004, so in a couple of weeks he will be 2 years 10 months old Smile He has hind leg paralysis and cataracts/dry eyes, but otherwise he's in great health and I hope to have him around for a little longer. He is an utter squish who wants nothing more than to cuddle and give kisses.

Next, are my pair of spayed sisters, Witch Hazel (beige self) & Periwinkle (russian blue self). They were rescues - their owner went to college and just left them behind with his mother, who kept threatening to euthanize them for some reason. Thankfully my friend, Kaia, at Huron Valley Rat Rescue was able to get a hold of them, and I adopted them nearly immediately. They were my first girls, and they are just about the most friendly, sweet, adorable girls ever. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly how old they are, but Kaia was told they were around a year and a half old (that was back in September 2006). They came to the rescue extremely emaciated, malnourished, and covered in feces/urine. After a bath, and once they were given a clean cage/good food, they bulked up VERY quickly and are now very... curvy girls Wink They are co-alphas of the cage, ruling with an iron fist with my other two girls.

Widdershins (triamese/mismarked siamese) & Nigel (PEW) are another one of my pairs of siblings. They both just turned a year old a few days ago. They were rescues also. They came from a person who dumbly bred her rats, and ended up with 45 that she surrendered to HVRR (Huron Valley Rat Rescue) once she realized she was in over her head. Kaia at HVRR, through her extreme dedication, was able to adopt all of the babies out (she had to raise a couple litters, too).

Dwarfie is my black mismarked hooded double rex dumbo boy. He's from RatLandia Rattery. He's very, very funny, and is obsessed with hair. Anytime I lean into the cage to move/clean up something, he has to grab a handful of my hair and popcorn around. Although he's not really a fan of being picked up, he does love to be scritched Smile

Russia is an EXTREMELY goofy, silly, sweet (PEW dumbo) boy who was born last year on September 1st. He was from an oops litter from all the way up in Toronto, Canada. Through the help of a transporter, I was able to adopt this adorable little boy. I just love him and his insane antics. He's very annoying to the other rats in the cage, since he's constantly bouncing on them and grabbing their fur. Razz Most pictures of him are blurry since he rarely stops moving and bouncing around!

Fergie (black variegated berkshire with head spot) and Emma (siamese) are a pair of sisters from a rescue litter that I fostered/raised myself. They came from a woman in Illinois that was, well... not very smart about sexing rats. She started with three (two boys, one female), and quickly ended up with 50. HVRR took all of the rats besides a couple of boys that the woman wanted to keep (against our urging to surrender them all). Fergie was way too sweet for me to give up, and Emma was the same way. They were born November 19/20th, 2006. I'm eagerly waiting for them to get big enough for me to spay them so I can put them in with everyone else. I love my goofy girls Very Happy You can see TONS of pictures of the litter from the first day I fostered them, up until now (at least with my girls, the other babies were adopted out) here. My two girls were previously named Ireland and Norway before I decided to keep them, just for reference when viewing the albums.

The litter...

And here are my two keepers, Emma and Fergie, now...

Squeebottoms and Polka, brothers from FarStar Rattery here in Michigan. They're pearl merle dumbos, and are very sweet, goofy, laidback boys. They were born in November of last year. Squee is light-colored and has a lot of spots, where as Polka is darker and isn't nearly as spotty.

Squee (pushing Mulligan out of the way!):


And lastly, I just adopted two girls. One who is named Madeline (Maddie for short), and the other I haven't named just yet! Pictures of them will be up soon Smile
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PostSubject: Re: My 13 ratlets!   Tue 5 Jun - 2:27

Your babies are all so cute.I could never handle that many pet rats at once.You are brave!
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My 13 ratlets!
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