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 Poems by Steve Bateman (found online)

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PostSubject: Poems by Steve Bateman (found online)   Sun 3 Jun - 21:35

I have written quite a few so if you want me post anymore, please let me know.
steve, aka zellaswolf

My Final day

You were the one, from when we first met,
Our spirits were joined; in stone this was set.
And this will not change when I leave your side,
You will know we are one, by the tears you have cried.
Not once in my life will you feel alone,
But when I have gone, your heart will be torn.

While I am young, enjoy me at play,
And please do not think of my final day.
In my eyes you will see no sadness or tears,
For I will enjoy every moment; for all of our years.
Don’t ever think that we are so dumb,
We know that each day should be filled up with fun.

You cannot prepare for the sadness you face,
When I grow old and infirm and my heart looses pace.
All I have asked, you have given to me,
And one day I’ll ask you, “please set me free”.
I will love you no less, for it is written in stone,
We will always be one; you will never be alone.

So I ask you my friend, hold off on those tears,
We have so much to do; we have so many years.
I know, in your heart, as you hold me so near-
That my final day; is your biggest fear.
But remember my friend, when the time comes to part,
Our spirits are one; I will stay in your heart.

Steve Bateman 2006 aka zellaswolf

First Day

As I lay so un-loved in a cold empty bed,
I felt a soft hand caressing my head.
“What’s this?” I thought, as I trembled with fear,
“Where is my momma, why isn’t she here?”
Then as you picked me up: I felt calm and okay
The first time we met, our very first day.

You took me back home, but I still wasn’t sure,
I was still so afraid and I wet on your floor.
But I learned I could trust you in a very short time,
And from that moment on your heart was all mine.
You taught me to come, to sit and to stay,
Our bond just grew deeper with each passing day.

You made me so happy each moment we shared,
And not once since I met you was I ever scared.
You’d hold my lead tightly as we walked in the park,
And I feared not a thing, not even the dark.
But its time now my friend to take off my lead,
And bid me farewell for I must now be freed.

I have grown old and my fur has turned grey,
Yet still in my mind is our very first day,
The day that I found this love that is true,
The day I found hope: the day I found you.
The day that I trembled with cold and with fear,
Now I feel your hand tremble as you hold me so near.

I see in your eyes the sadness and pain,
Your tears falling down: like warm summer rain.
This pain in your heart will leave you in time,
For I will always be yours and your heart is all mine.
Another little baby is awaiting your touch,
Another like me: who will love you so much.

So kiss me once more and hold me so tight,
As I soar to the bridge like an angel in flight.
I hope you have learned that love is to share,
And another like me needs your special care.
Alone and un-loved: it will need your loving hand
I love you my friend, and know you understand.

Steve Bateman (2006) aka zellaswolf

No Guilt

My heart is all yours, this you already know.
There is no other creature that I could love more.
Whenever you smile, you know I smile too
And when you are sad, I will cry for you.
When you're alone, I will always be there,
When you feel so un-loved, you know that I care.

I am not perfect, I will do some things wrong,
I will make you angry, but not for too long.
If I chew your slippers, or dig up your lawn,
I know you’ll forgive me, and welcome me home.
You forgive me the things that make you so mad,
And you love me so much, even when I am bad.

How many times have you tripped over me?
When its dark and you're tired, and you cannot see.
Not once have I thought that you were to blame,
I cannot hold malice, I can never hold shame.
If you've made me squeal out and stood on my paw,
You never meant to hurt me; it was an accident, I know.

When the short time I have has come to an end,
I know you'll be there, for you are my friend.
You will not let me suffer, for your love is so true,
And you'll know in your heart, it's the right thing to do.
So please don’t feel guilty, when you must let me go,
I never will blame you, for loving me so.

Steve Bateman (2006) 'zellaswolf'

I found these poems here http://thelazyhammock.proboards101.com/index.cgi
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Poems by Steve Bateman (found online)
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